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PostSubject: Ravenstar of Swiftclan   Ravenstar of  Swiftclan Icon_minitimeSat Jun 13, 2015 3:21 pm

Ravenstar of  Swiftclan 2207925_orig

.:General Info:.

Ravenkit Ravenpaw Ravenflame Ravenstar

36 moons

Tom Cat



One of the strongest personality traits that this tom carries is his loyalty. It will occasionally manifest in a mother-hen sort of action where he will sometimes worry too much for his clan-mates and can make himself look ridiculous over the tiniest injury. Still, he would die for any clan-member and is prone to refusing to admit when one of his warriors may have done something very wrong. This is one of many things that contribute to his patient nature and further into the playful side this leader holds. He will give second and third chanced when it might not be the best idea to do so and while he is paranoid about and distrustful of outsiders and the other clans, this tom is fair, although hard headed and difficult to get to change his mind.

This tom is tiny. He's almost as small as an apprentice in size. Large eyes are set in his small head with the hue of dirty ginger. His short, smooth, fur has a beautiful shine to it's dark pallor while the underside is an orangey-tan marred along the edged by black spots and markings. His small body is lean with proportionately large paws that make keeping grip while he runs just a little easier. In the same fox attack that took his father, Ravenstar lost both ears. Although he's not deaf, the tom has trouble with quiet cats and directional hearing. He has no scars, but his head looks round and strange, almost like a badger or otter.



Ravenstar of  Swiftclan 432_Copy_of_fb2DSC_0074

.:Personal Info:.


Rainy Days The cool rain in a hot day is always calming and rainy days are often the best days for outsiders to approach him as they calm him down.
hunting A favorite hobby for many reasons, Ravenstar loves the thrill of the chase, and the kill both helps his clan and lets him blow off steam. When he's angry, this tom will sometimes spend whole days just hunting.
playing with kits Kits are the future of the clan and no cat in his right mind can be angry around kits. He loves the laughter and will join in games when his duties are complete.
training apprentices Passing on the things he knows and skills to the next generations is Ravenstar's favorite activity outside of hunting and playing with the kits.

hot days Although he is short furred, black fur means that hot days feel MUCH hotter to him than to cats with fur of other colors.
leaf bare Short fur makes the cold bad, and his missing ears make ear infections during this time a yearly issue for the black tom.
rude cats Rudeness is annoying and angers Ravenstar greatly.
battles A major cause of injury to his warriors. Ravenstar hates unnecessary battles.

hunting Constant practice makes this a well honed skill
agility A small size and sleek fur makes swift movement far easier for the smaller tom.
speed Paws a little too large for his legs makes gripping the ground easier. This means that picking up speed and launching into a full sprint are easy tasks for Ravenstar

strength A tiny body makes strength a very unlikely thing for Ravenstar. He's not so strong, but his speed makes up for it.
fighting Hating fighting means he's not so great at it. HE can defend himself, but he's not too much better than that.
climbing Tiny cats are not made for being up high.

Ravenkit was born to a pair of loyal and loving warriors who were known for going to extremes in order to assist their clan in any way they possibly could. It was in this extreme that the pair found each other. When the clan had no kits and the apprentices were about to be warriors, Raven's parents agreed to have kits in order to keep their clan going healthy and strong. While they were not actually in love, the pair cared for each other and their three kits. They raised Ravenkit, Fawnkit, and Shadekit to be just as loyal and dedicated as their parents were. While Ravenkit's kit-hood wasn't very exciting, it was a good one with fair and caring parents and playful siblings.

The dark tom's apprenticeship wasn't so kind, however, as he and his siblings lost their father when a dog got into the territory during a training excursion around the time that Ravenpaw was 8 moons old. The older black tom took the brunt of the attack and while the other adults on the training patrol tried to help, the apprentices had nothing they could do but run for more help. When the dog was finally chased away, Nightstripe's body was discovered. Sadly, the 6 moons that the pair had spent raising kits had brought them close together. They had decided to have another litter only a moon earlier, and the pregnant queen was driven mad with grief. She began to babble and stop caring about her health and that of her unborn second litter. About the time Ravenpaw turned 9 moons old, his mother disappeared into the forest. When they found her, the 2 kits she'd given birth to during the search were dead. When Raven's mother saw the patrol coming near her, she ran away and has never been seen again.

Ravenflame's warrior life was uneventful, and while it took him a few moons to over come his grief at loosing both parents in a span of 3 months, he became a loyal and brave warrior who took such enjoyment in training apprentices that he had three before he was chosen to become deputy. Of course, there was the death of a leader, and now suddenly he was a leader. At 30 moons, Ravenstar was experienced enough to know how to lead and has done a fairly good job with leading his clan.

Ravenstar of  Swiftclan 432_Copy_of_fb2DSC_0074


Sandstone ~ Missing

Nightstripe ~ Deceased



> Fawnpetal ~ Sister
> Shadeclaw ~ Brother
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PostSubject: Re: Ravenstar of Swiftclan   Ravenstar of  Swiftclan Icon_minitimeSat Jun 13, 2015 4:52 pm


Before I accept your bio, would you mind giving some brief descriptions to your likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses? and also turning your personality into at least three sentences.

Other then that it looks and sounds great.
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PostSubject: Re: Ravenstar of Swiftclan   Ravenstar of  Swiftclan Icon_minitimeSun Jun 14, 2015 1:00 am

awesome, thank you for fixing it, you are approved!
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PostSubject: Re: Ravenstar of Swiftclan   Ravenstar of  Swiftclan Icon_minitime

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