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Tribal Cat Naming|Religion|Hunting tech. Coolte43



Tribal Cat Naming|Religion|Hunting tech. Nights10
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 Tribal Cat Naming|Religion|Hunting tech.

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PostSubject: Tribal Cat Naming|Religion|Hunting tech.   Tribal Cat Naming|Religion|Hunting tech. Icon_minitimeFri May 15, 2015 7:13 pm

All terms are copyrighted to their original owners from the site listed below.

Tribal Cat Naming System.

Kit-mothers name their kits after the first thing they see after the birth of their kits, for example, Brook Where Small Fish Swim, or Star That Shines On Water.  Unlike the cats of the Clans, Tribe cats shorten their names to the first word in their name (e.g. Brook, Star). However, the ancient Tribe uses the same naming conventions as the Ancients. For Example: Bright Stream, Silver Frost, and Dewy Leaf. Tribe cats' names do not modify through their lives, except for the Healer, whose name is changed into Teller of the Pointed Stones (Stoneteller) upon appointment.

Tribal Cat Religious Beliefs.

The Tribe of Endless Hunting is comprised of the spirits of the ancestors of the Tribe of Rushing Water. They send warnings and signs to the Tribe Healer and will show them which to-be should train to become the next Healer. They are the equivalent of StarClan.
Tribe cats believe in an afterlife similar to the Clan cats. The ancestral spirits that make up the Tribe of Endless Hunting are similar to those that make up StarClan. However, they are born in the Tribe.
Unlike the clan cats who have the moons landing, the tribal cats have 'Crystal Cave' where the Stoneteller goes to speak with their ancestors.

Hunting Techniques:

Tribe cats have their own special way of hunting. Prey-Hunters find some prey (i.e. a mouse), sit in a hiding place, and wait until they see an eagle (or other bird of prey) attack the prey. They then jump onto and kill the eagle, thus delivering two pieces of prey for the Tribe
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Tribal Cat Naming|Religion|Hunting tech.
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