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 Lulu the Kittypet

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PostSubject: Lulu the Kittypet   Lulu the Kittypet Icon_minitimeSun May 17, 2015 7:12 pm

Lulu the Kittypet Alan-and-sandy-carey-orange-and-white-kitten-usa

.:General Info:.


4 moons olds



Lulu is a friendly little high-energy she-kit with a heart of gold. Lulu is loyal, noble, innocent, kind, caring, pure, and good. She prefers to be able to make her own decisions from time to time. Lulu can be extremely overwhelming when she's excited, and can get startled if she runs into something she doesn't know what is. She'd never go down a dark path or be involved with an evil cat, her nature doesn't allow her to. She'll speak her mind if someone is being rude to her, but Lulu can get a bit short if she get pushed far enough. Lulu is also quite smart, though it usually doesn't show through her bright, bubbly personality. She can also be a bit naive with new cats, and has been somewhat drawn to the forest since she was first allowed outside.

Lulu is orange with tabby stripes and a white underbelly. Her eyes are light blue with an innocent spark of curiosity, and she always has on a pink collar with a heart charm on it.

She's a kit

She's a kit

Lulu the Kittypet Orange-tabby-cat-wallpaper

.:Personal Info:.


Exploring, playing, other cats, sunshine, outside, her mouse toy, and her twolegs

Mean twolegs, being bored, having to sit still, rainy days, and being forced to stay inside

Sense of adventure, hidden intelligence, and her hyper, cheery personality

Weak, naïve, easily manipulated, and she doesn't know about most things

Lulu was born to a kittypet named Sunshine and never knew her father. She was decent sized beside her two brothers and one sister, and stuck close to her siblings most of the time. Eventually, her siblings were given away to other twolegs, but Lulu was kept close to her mother. She's lived comfortably in her twoleg nest ever since.

Lulu the Kittypet 2096151eaabe0597ff5fdb1ce15d88c5


Her mom is an orange she-cat with a white chest and white paws and blue eyes named Sunshine.

An unknown loner

None that she knows of

None that she knows of

Brother(s): She has two brothers. Their names are Splash and Spot. Splash has an orange pelt and has white splotches on his nose, left ear, and right thigh. His eyes are blue. Spot also has an orange pelt, but the only white on him is his underbelly. He has green eyes.
Sister(s): Lulu only has one sister. Her name is Kiki, a completely white kit with blue-green eyes.

Lulu the Kittypet 10494

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PostSubject: Re: Lulu the Kittypet   Lulu the Kittypet Icon_minitimeSun May 17, 2015 8:45 pm

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Lulu the Kittypet
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