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 Angel the kittypet

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PostSubject: Angel the kittypet   Angel the kittypet Icon_minitimeSun May 17, 2015 7:32 pm

Angel the kittypet Angel

.:General Info:.





Curiosity killed the cat... or kitten. This suits the young kittypet rather well. Her mind and mouth is always going a million miles as she tries to find out what each and every little thing is. Sometimes her curiosity can get her into trouble with the neighboring cats or dogs, but she is always able to sneak her way around it. She's bouncy, loving, caring, and gentle, though her mouth often overloads her size as she always speaks her mind.

Angel is a small kitten with a black-based coat and light to dark brown patches of fur with some white strikes. Greenish/yellow eyes

You see that rock over there? well he's mine... but, that bush.. -points with tail- is the smexiest bush I have ever seen... he has a way with words Wink

Me and the rock wanna wait on kits.

Angel the kittypet Only_a_doctor_who_fan

.:Personal Info:.


Angel pretty much likes everything.
•dogs - Yes dogs. Angel loves messing with them, pouncing on their tails, calling them names, etc.
•Flowers and mud - She loves to roll around the beds and get dirty, causing her two-legs a lot of stress.
•Her Squeaky mouse - Angel has this tiny squeaky mouse she carries around in her mouth, sleeps with it, etc.
•A roaring fire - in the winter she loves to curl up by the fire after playing in the snow.

She doesn't dislike much but she doesn't care for;
•Water - she hates getting baths, getting wet in the rain or knocked into the pond her twolegs have out in the yard.
•When stray cats try and eat the fish in the pond.

•Her love for everything - Since angel likes pretty much everyone and everything she doesn't have much hatred in her bones.
•Her sense of adventure - She likes exploring everything.

•trusting everyone - she could often be taken advantage of.
•Her carefree attitude - since she doesn't care what she is or where she comes from others might hound her for it.


"Don't let others tell you how to lead your life.. Live to the fullest and always be sure it makes you happy."

Angel was born to Possum and Rune, she was born a kitty-pet along side her two brothers Kovu and Simba. Having been the pairs third litter, the two-legs already had new homes planned for the tiny kittens and by the time they were weaned they were sent home.

Angel now lives with a small two-legged family that has a small two-legged pup a big yard and a small pond with little fish. The two-leg's den is settled in the outskirts of the city, close to the forest was.

(History will be improved, this is so she can be accepted and rped.Razz)

Picture (Remove if no picture is placed here)

father:            mother:

Angel the kittypet Angels_dadAngel the kittypet Possum
(picture by me; do not use/take)

Angel the kittypet Kovu_simba
(picture by me, do not use/take)

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PostSubject: Re: Angel the kittypet   Angel the kittypet Icon_minitimeWed May 20, 2015 8:27 pm

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Angel the kittypet
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