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PostSubject: SilverWolf (character maker)   SilverWolf (character maker) Icon_minitimeMon May 18, 2015 2:51 am

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.:General Info:.
SilverWolf was named Silverwolf by her mother, a clan cat she has now forgotten due to losing much of her memory of being a kit.




14 moons




None (Truly, she wants to be in BrambleClan, though she hasn't, yet...)


SilverWolf doesn't seem loyal at first, mostly because her friends go from rouges to kittypets, but this is only because in some shape or form, they had earned the trust of a very untrusting cat. She is truly fiercely loyal and would do anything to help a friend.


SilverWolf is a silver shorthair taby, with bright green eyes that seem as fiercely loyal as a wolf.


"I have no mate, nor do I wish to have one."


"I have no mate, so why would i have kits?"

.:Personal Info:.




Friends, localness, kindness, hunting, smart cats, following her heart and what she believes is right.


Mean cats, "Traitors" (ones who have done her wrong), liars, talking about her past, wreckless choices, and following mind over heart.


Loyal, climbing trees, heights, hunting.


Water, surprise attacks, anything to make her feel as if she had done something horribly wrong.


SilverWolf doesn't remember anything about when she was a kit, but like many believe She was in fact born in a clan, SkyClan before it had disappeared from the forest she once called home, she loved to climb the trees and hunt for birds. One of her friends, was StreamHeart of Riverclan, though they had rarely been able to meet, she was best friends with him and they both would sneak to see each other. During the time where the forest was being destroyed, he even taught her to catch fish, she secretly gave some to the kits and elders, although she almost always got in trouble for it, they were still thankful. Through her careless rule braking, she had learned much from it, making her wise enough to follow the rules, but follow her heart when it was needed.

Soon, RiverClan had learned of what SilverWolf had been doing, and they quickly got mad at SkyClan, forcing them to stop. This soon made SkyClan starve even more, until finally, the had to leave. SilverWolf, on the other hand, wasn't loyal enough to her clan to leave with them, and took an invite from Riverclan after StreamHeart begged them to let his best friend join. Though it didn't last long. StreamHeart soon went missing, and in her wild chase to try and find him, she slipped in the river. In her helpless struggle to stay above the water she hit her head on a stone and passed out, losing all her memory of her former friend, clans, and family. After she had washed her way to shore, she was helped by some friendly rouges. She soon left them and became a loner, wandering the forest. Though she has crossed the border in to BrambleClan....

SilverWolf (character maker) Grey-kitten-294 (StreamHeart)


As a kit, she was raised by her mother and father, Starlight and FlyingLeaf, though her sister, LightKit was the most favored, always doing better then SilverKit, who instead of following rules, followed her heart. She didn't understand exactly what she had done wrong, but she didn't mind, she still loved her family dearly.


Starlight, a silver white she-cat with amber eyes.(dead)


FlyingLeaf, A light gray tom with striking green eyes (dead)


LightKit, a pure white she-cat with amber eyes. (possibly alive...)

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