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 Dawnstorm of Stormclan

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PostSubject: Dawnstorm of Stormclan    Dawnstorm of Stormclan  Icon_minitimeMon May 18, 2015 8:20 pm

Dawnstorm of Stormclan  Dawnst10
(((Could he be deputy?)))
.:General Info:.

Name: Dawnstorm


Sex: Tom

Clan: Stormclan

Personality:  Dawnstorm has his mind set on doing what is best for the clan. He is extremely loyal and would do anything for his leader and clanmates. He is strong and big, making him a great fighter. Dawnstorm is usually calm, but gets a temper and is not a pretty sight when angry. He shows great signs of leadership and likes to take charge of situations.

Appearance: Dawnstorm his huge and muscular. He seems to tower over other cats. He is black with faded splotches of white all over his body. He seems to have tabby markings, starting on his face, but they fade away as they go down his body. The tom has light, leafy-green eyes.

Mate: None, but wishes to find one

Kits: None, but dreams of having some someday

Dawnstorm of Stormclan  Dawnst11

.:Personal Info:.

Sexuality: Strait

Likes: The dark, hunting in the dark, starry nights, storms, sunsets, roses, play-fighting, sitting in the rain, and long walks.

Dislikes: Cats who are too positive and preppy, heat, too much sunshine, traitors, and disrespect.

Strengths: His size and muscles, extremely good hearing and seeing in the dark, cleverness, and his climbing abilities.

Weaknesses:  He often gets lonely, gets temperamental at times, hunting, and fear of disappointing others.

He was born as Dusk to a family of rouges. When Fang, a ruthless rouge, and his group took over twolegplace, Dusk’s family was forced either to serve Fang or die. Out of fear and wanting best for their kits, Dusk’s parents fled into the woods. While they were running away, the family was spotted by some followers of Fang. His dad and brother were caught by them and taken away, never to be seen again while Dusk, his mom, and three sisters escaped.
The five found refuge in a clan named Dawnclan. There, Dusk grew up as Duskpaw and trained hard, hoping to someday set out to find his father and brother. Soon enough, his warrior ceremony came up and he became named Duskstorm, after his unusual love for storms.
Once a warrior, Duskstorm felt almost ready to search for his missing kin. Before he left, he wanted to make sure the clan was healthy and prospering and would be okay without him.
That selfless and kind decision turned out to be a big mistake. A kitty pet, named Twilight, joined the clan with the persuasion of Duskstorm and became a warrior with the name of Twilightshine. The kitty pet’s owners ventured too far into the forest to find Twilightshine and discovered Dawnclan’s camp. A huge group of twolegs came and drove out Dawnclan, along with the other clans living in the forest. They captured Duskstorm’s mom and sisters, but Duskstorm managed to slip from their grasp. The tom then ventured into twolegplace, where his kin was taken to an animal shelter. After finding no way to help them escape, he vowed to meet them again someday and find his brother and father.
Leaving the animal shelter, Duskstorm asked a group of rouges about his father and brother. The rouges told him that Fang and his followers had been chased out a while ago. He was given directions as to where they might’ve gone, leading him to here. He wishes to search twolgplace for his sibling and dad, but first he wants to help the clan Starclan lead him to prosper and grow.


Mother: Mist/Mistybreeze (Unknown if dead of alive)-White/grey she-cat with a black head, tail tip, and paws. Soft, yellow eyes.

Father: Midnight (Missing): Pure black tom with stern yellow eyes.

Aunts: Unknown

Uncles: Unknown

Siblings: Smokey (brother)- white with splotches of black and yellow eyes
Raven/Ravensong (Sister)- all black with yellow eyes
Holly/Hollyleaf (Sister)- All black with green eyes
Rachel/Shiningheart (Sister)- All black with white chest and yellow eyes
Dawnstorm of Stormclan  Dawnst13
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PostSubject: Re: Dawnstorm of Stormclan    Dawnstorm of Stormclan  Icon_minitimeMon May 18, 2015 11:31 pm

NightStar will choose whether or not she will make him Deputy but for now he's a warrior. 
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Dawnstorm of Stormclan
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