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 Passionfruit the Loner

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PostSubject: Passionfruit the Loner   Passionfruit the Loner Icon_minitimeWed May 20, 2015 11:14 pm

Passionfruit the Loner Angora_turc_black_tortie_smoke

.:General Info:.


15 moons



NEUTRAL GOOD. Passionfruit resides in a calm, cool demeanor. She's forever a calculating and cautious feline. She thinks before she acts, choosing her words and moves carefully, and often intuitive, being able to come up with new and creative plans. She's like the master chess player, always thinking a few steps ahead. However, don't let this down-to-earth persona fool you. She is an extremely empathetic and passionate, sometimes even temperamental, cat. Passionfruit has known to be blunt about topics, even if they are a bit touchy and even if she is aware of how touchy they are. However it is a mixed blessing: She is an honest cat, and she lives by that virtue. Though she is no expert, she is knowledgeable of basic medical treatments when it comes to forest remedies, thanks to her mother. Perhaps one thing she excels at is her eye for detail and her mastery of hunting. She can pick up the slightest hints in a crime scene, her keen eye catching almost everything, and always up for the challenge of a riddle or puzzle. One of her biggest flaws, however, would be that she does not have the heart to kill. Even if she knows that cat has murdered hundreds, she still hesitates to close her teeth around the throat, knowing that she is about to steal the life of another cat, just as intelligent and feeling as her. It could very well lead to her downfall one day.

Passionfruit is a Turkish Angora. More specifically, she is a tortoiseshell Turkish Angora with vivid and intelligent yellow-green eyes. Though small for her age, she is extremely lithe, quick, and agile, priding herself on her climbing and dodging abilities. Because of her small demeanor and speedy hit-and-run tactics that include tree climbing, it's no wonder her littermates once dubbed her "Queen of the Squirrels". Her mix of color provides an excellent source of camouflage, and she has proven to be an incredible hunter. Regardless of all these wonderful things, there is perhaps a deadly weakness: her physical strength. She is not exceedingly powerful in any way, with some cats her size able to best her in a battle of brute strength alone.

None (Open)


.:Personal Info:.



  • Sunbathing
  • Hunting/Tracking
  • Solving riddles/puzzles
  • Chatting with other cats about opinions in a civilized manner
  • Adventures
  • Challenges


  • Inconsiderate felines
  • Bloodshed
  • Captivity
  • Boredom
  • Cats who jump on the idea of violence
  • Tension

Passionfruit is a critical and analytical thinker, always dissecting obstacles and objectives, determining how to overcome the situation. She is an experienced hunter, using all her senses and even exotic techniques from time to time to track down and kill her prey. She uses her multicolored coat to blend into the greenery, and has a habit of using tree branches to get around from time to time. When it comes to battling, she is quick, lithe, and agile, using small motions to incapacitate opponents rather than kill them, usually targeting soft spots such as the back of a leg. She is an honest cat, keeping her promise to those she deems worthy and only telling lies to those that have proven themselves enemies.

Sometimes, her thinking can cause her to hold off on decisions, usually effecting an action too late, such as a battle starting before her eyes or missing the jump across the tree branch. Her passionate and caring personality can sometimes hinder her, as she is usually attacked first, accidentally provoking a cat without meaning to. She's temperamental and not easy to be around if you strongly disagree with her. Despite her agility and speed, she is incredibly weak, since once she's pinned she's at her opponents mercy. Her passion for her sense of justice oftentimes gets in the way of more important problems.

Born to Celia, the loner was raised with her mother and aunt in the part of the forest near the twoleg territory. Together, the queen and her sister-in-law had trained the three siblings to hunt, fight, and survive. After reaching a decent enough age, Rayne, Passionfruit's aunt, had left on a quest to one day find her brother, determined to bring him back to his family in order for him to see his three beautiful kits. However, shortly after leaving, Cylus, the bigger brute of the trio, displayed his true colors of malicious dominance and cruel ambitions. Seeing impending doom, Asher, her other brother, had warned Passionfruit and Celia of his fears, and left before disaster struck when he was unsuccessful in convincing the two, Celia being a mother and Passionfruit doubting her brother being so cruel as that. Cylus soon attacked his mother out of spite, deciding that he no longer wanted her around, simply because she had power over him. The young tom somehow overcame the experienced she-cat, and the white female was killed. Cylus had a strange mindset, believing that he could start his own "Clan", an idea he got from a passing traveler. Celia was simply in his way of being a leader. He gave Passionfruit two choices: Surrender or die. However, Passionfruit rejected his offer, and fled her homeland, running far, far away. To this day, she is unsure whether her brother is still tracking her down.


Celia - Deceased
Celia was a white Turkish Angora with thick fur and icy blue eyes. She was Passionfruit's sole protector and teacher, training the young she cat to hunt and defend herself in a world where everything was out to kill her. She was stand offish, not ever really bonding with her kits, however was an incredible and beloved mother figure nonetheless. Though she her daughter didn't cry at her death, she did grieve as one would a guardian and mentor. She had been killed by Cylus, her kit.

Roman - Location Unknown
Roman was another long furred Turkish Angora with yellow eyes, colored orange and black. He was a proud kittypet that met his mate, a loner named Celia, near the back of his house in the bushes. Despite the intrusion of territory, the two soon became unlikely lovers. Their relationship somewhat ended after a few moons, when Roman's twolegs took moved, leaving a pregnant queen to fend for herself. Though Passionfruit has no relationship to her father besides biological factors, she was often told she was named after her father's favorite scent of passion fruit.

Rayne - Location Unknown
Rayne is Roman's brother and Passionfruit's aunt, she is black, with green eyes. She became a loner soon after Roman was taken away, her twolegs no longer serving a familiar comfort after the disconnection of her only remaining biological family. For a while, she had aided Celia, teaching the litter in knowledge of danger of twolegs and wild creatures. Once the kits reached six moons, Rayne left, promising to return to visit one day after she found her brother, and bring him home.


Passionfruit has no known uncles.


Cylus - Location Unknown
Cylus is a black Turkish Angora with awe-striking yellow eyes. After a large dispute between him, Passionfruit and Cylus are now considered enemies, the young rogue being quite hostile and too ambitious for Passionfruit's like. After the death of her mother, she can no longer comfortably call this cat her brother.

Asher- Location Unknown
A grieving loss, Asher had been a white and black cat, his eyes a piercing blue, like his mothers. He had been forced to leave shortly before his mother's death due to his brother's pure hostility, leaving only two cats left to attack with vicious malice. Passionfruit longs to one day see her kinder brother again, as the two had been extremely close compared to her overbearing elder brethren.
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(Bumping, finished)
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