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 Bandit, Wanted Dead or Alive (Biography)

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PostSubject: Bandit, Wanted Dead or Alive (Biography)   Thu May 28, 2015 5:14 pm

.:General Info:.


3 years old


Loner/Rouge but later on will join Ivyclan

Bandit is quiet the scoundrel. The tom is always looking for trouble to get him into and is very quick and witty. Being a loner/rouge you would think he wouldn't know much, but ever since he was a kit he was raised on the streets and has learned a lot from others around him. Bandit has always been a fugitive on the run from the two legs, and always comes up with brilliant plans on the spot to escape there idiotic plans to capture the tom. Shy is not a word to describe this tri-colored male he is more of the outgoing type rather than the shy type, he's always willing to experience new things and loves to explore unknown lands.

Bandit's fur is a mixture between different variations of color such as black,white,brown,orange, and so on. His eyes are a very light color of green with mixtures of topaz and amber hidden deep within them. The toms fur mostly consists of different shades of orange and black but he also has some white found on his chest,paws, and mixed in with his other fur colors. There is not mucht o noticed about the slender tom but his size and coat colors. Bandit is quiet a tall and skinny cat, his long legs run down to his rather lanky and small paws. 


Chase, Willow, Bear, and Julian.

.:Personal Info:.


~Meeting New Cats

~Mary Sues
~Snobby Characters
~Others who underestimate him
~ Big Lands Of Water


~Death of Family

Bandit was born on the streets along with his siblings; he never really wanted to stick to his parents and would always sneak away to adventure off around the city, forest, and any other place that he could find as a kit. His brothers and sisters would always warn him about the two legs and canines that roamed the streets but he never cared about any of it. Until one day, a pair of two legs tried to catch the tom but he was quick, Swerving, curving, jumping, ducking through any obstacle that had come in his way until he finally escaped the two legs. When Bandit finally returned home there were no signs of his family or siblings, leaving him to believe that they went looking for him and would return in a couple of days. But this never happened three years passed and no one had returned it was just the tom defending himself from the outside world. Occasionally going to visit his friend Jasper whose two legs had left him locked in his home with food and water. So Bandit tried his best to help him out or at least try and help him out, the two legs kept trying to catch him every time they would spot him in the streets but he would always break out in a run from them successfully getting back to cover before they had a chance to catch him. The tom's routine stays the same but now he is in search of something more that he has heard many others talk about, a clan. Unknown to what it will bring him the tom let's his paws take him where they want to. 






Riley, Rose, Sofiel, and Drake
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PostSubject: Re: Bandit, Wanted Dead or Alive (Biography)   Fri May 29, 2015 10:51 am

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Bandit, Wanted Dead or Alive (Biography)
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