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 Flood of Mountainous Cave

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PostSubject: Flood of Mountainous Cave   Flood of Mountainous Cave Icon_minitimeFri May 15, 2015 8:35 pm

Flood of Mountainous Cave Flood1_1

.:General Info:.
Flood Of Mountainous Cave {Flood}



Tribe of Silent Dreams

Flood is a rather bubbly character, she's always looking on the brighter side of things. She's no where near 'calm' but she is rather collected - meaning she has all of her thoughts together. She prefers not to engage in battle and make friends with others.  
-Flood is rather in touch with her roots as well as her ancestors, she is fully faithful to her tribe and would give her own life to make sure it survived.  Though it is rare, Flood can be crude and silver tongued(meaning harsh with her words).

A short haired, lithe Russian blue she-cat with emerald green eyes.



Flood of Mountainous Cave Flood

.:Personal Info:.



† The Sound of Rainfall ~ A peaceful sound indeed. The sound of rainfall often is able to calm the frayed nerves of the stoneteller and sooth he, putting her to sleep.
† Meeting other cats ~ Flood loves meeting other cats, to her it is a good sign of survival.
† Kits ~ Sees them as the future and a good omen. She finds the bubbly and adorable.

~Flood doesn't have many dislikes~
† Battles ~ Flood despises war.
† Hawks ~ Dislikes hawks due to having her brother grabbed and taken away.
† Her love for the tribe.
† Faithfulness and loyalty.
† Making friends ~ Flood loves meeting new cats and due to her hating battle she tends to make friends easily.

† Flood trusts to easily, could easily be misled or fooled.
† Being alone ~ Since Flood was a kit she's always hated being alone and often freaks out.

"We are not given a good life or a bad life. We are given a life and it's up to us to make it good or bad..  My uncle spoke of these words before he disappeared one night, he was so sad, so heart broken I never knew why."

There's not much to tell about my life except that I was born and raised a tribal warrior. My heart is and will always be loyal to them, my heart will never stray and will always seen the brighter side of things.

I was born to a Prey-Hunter named Thrill and a Cave-Guard named Screech, my parents were full of love for each other, their tribe, and their kits.  As I saw it they have no hate in them what so ever, it just wasn't in their nature nor is it in mine.  I had only one brother in my lifetime, Pounce, he was so full of life so loving and gentle and always moving about.

At birth tribe cats are given their ranks, those who are lithe and quick are made to be Prey-Hunters and those who are stronger and bulkier are made to be cave-guards, my brother had been given the title 'Cave-Guard' and therefore when he turned 8moons he would begin training with his mentor.. I on the other paw received something quite surprising, I was told I was to be the next Stoneteller. My parents were proud, proud that both of their kits were seen as strong and  able to endure what was put before them.

Heh, like all kits we were quite the mischievous ones, we loved getting into trouble. Like the clans, tribe kits are not allowed outside of the camp and like kits everywhere we loved to sneak out when our parents were sleeping or on patrols.  I even remember this one time where Pounce and I snuck out and visited the Crystal cave where the Stoneteller went to speak to our ancestors BOY did we get into trouble, the stoneteller was quite mad and gave us the duty of picking ticks out of the elders pelts.

After that the Stoneteller kept a close eye on me, even decided to remove me from my brothers influence, saying I shouldn't act as such.  I was sad to leave the side of my only littermate and my mother but also glad that I would start learning things earlier.  The Stoneteller was harsh at first always hissing and spitting at me like I was seen as a bad omen towards him, I never let that get me down though. I continued to do my activities with a smile and a bounce in my step, i never stopped to think of how badly i was being treated by my mentor.

That all changed when my brother died, I was sorting through a pile of herbs the stoneteller had given me when I heard screeching and  my mothers pain filled yowl, standing up I quickly abandoned my duty and ran into the clearing to see what was happening, i only heard bits and pieces of what was going on... "Hawk!" "Where's Pounce?"

Pounce had left the den with another kit, possibly Mouse, and the hawk had taken him, with big eyes i watched the entrance of the cave, only to feel the tail of the Stoneteller on my back.  I had never seen his eyes so sad, the fear, and heartbreak.. I felt were shimmering in his honey brown eyes, then he spoke words I thought i would never hear.

"Life has a funny way of working.  Sometimes you have a calling to leave this world and there is nothing any amount of cats can do to stop it... Flood you are the future of this tribe, do you seen now why I am hard on you, why i have to be?"

From then on, I continued to do my duties and at age 8moons i was officially made his to-be, from there on I trained under him working to better my skills and wisdom, he took me on strolls outside of the cave to show me the territory we owned.. Oh it is so much! We own all the mountain!  I remember one time i asked him if there were others and he smiled and said.. "there are cats like us, they live out in the wilderness but they live very different lives"

When I was thirteen moons my father passed away and then a moon later my mother died of a broken heart.

At twenty-three moons, the Stoneteller passed away of a sickness that no herb could cure and that was the Sunrise i took my official title and spot has Stoneteller... My only living relative Howl, wandered the mountains still in the range of our territory.. Maybe one dawn he will return to me..

Flood of Mountainous Cave DSCN7494

Mother               Father

Flood of Mountainous Cave Thrill1  Flood of Mountainous Cave Screech1


Flood of Mountainous Cave Howl1


Flood of Mountainous Cave Pounce1

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Flood of Mountainous Cave
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