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PostSubject: Leafstar of Brambleclan   Leafstar of Brambleclan Icon_minitimeFri May 15, 2015 8:53 pm

Leafstar of Brambleclan Work.6616656.2.flat,550x550,075,

.:General Info:.

Name: Leafstar

Age: 22 moons

Sex: She-cat

Clan: Brambleclan

Personality: Leafstar is compassionate, dedicated, friendly, stubborn, sympathetic, fiercely loyal, intelligent, usually calm, gentle, and fierce when angry. She will never betray her Clan, friends, or family no matter what. She isn't always the most confident in her decisions and her ability as a leader, but tries to lead her Clan as best as she can. She tends to get annoyed with her noticeably small stature, since she feels like she's overlooked and underestimated because of it. Leafstar is more passive and despises fighting, since her birth Clan was wiped out in a large battle. She also acts more mature and serious around her Clanmates in attempt to hide her insecurities about her ability to lead, and just about herself in general.

Appearance: Leafstar is a noticibly small, lithe she-cat with short, silky black and white fur. She has striking blue eyes, and a black spot on her nose.

Mate: Rushingtail (missing)

Kits: None yet

.:Personal Info:.

Sexuality: Straight

Likes: Loyalty, kindness, solving problems without fighting, meeting new cats, kits, friends, and standing up for others.

Dislikes: Traitors, her Clanmates fighting among themselves, war, pointless fighting, and aggression.

Strengths: She's good at hunting, she knows when someone is lying, she's fierce loyalty, she has a deep compassion for everyone, she's good at talking through problems, she still has all 9 of her lives, and she's swift and agile

Weaknesses: She's not very confident, she cares too much about others, and she's noticeably smaller than most cats (which can put her at a disadvantage during battle)

History: Leafkit was born to Dawnrain and Ravenstreak in a litter of three kits in a distant Clan called OakClan. She was the runt of the litter between one fairly large tom named Frostkit and a medium sized she-kit named Berrykit. When time came to be made apprentices, Leafpaw trained hard to prove that even though she was small, she could fight and hunt just as well as everyone else. She was extremely gifted at hunting and a decent fighter.
At the age of 12 moons, Leafpaw became a warrior, earning the name Leafheart for her loyalty and dedication. For two moons, everything was perfect in her Clan, but then everything started going downhill when an evil rouge named Rushing joined Oakclan. Everyone trusted him, but Leafheart wasn't so easy to convince. The 14 moon warrior knew he was up to something, but couldn't convince the others until it was too late. Rushing had been collecting information for an evil Clan to attack Oakclan the whole time. No one believed Leafheart about it until the attack happened. The two sides had the exact same number of cats. A gruesome battle broke out between the rouges and Clan cats, one both sides lost. All the cats on both side lost, dying together. Only Rushingtail and Leafheart had survived that long, but that too was almost over. Rushingtail, being much larger and stronger than Leafheart, had her pinned with no way to fight back. His teeth were nearing her windpipe, sending her into a final struggle, but then, the tom froze and gazed around at the bodies of his Clanmates and Leafheart's Clanmates. His eyes grew wide with horror, giving Leafheart just enough of a distraction to shove him off her. Rushingtail ran at that moment, leaving the she-cat to mourn her fallen Clan. After she properly buried all the fallen, including the enemies, she ran off in the opposite direction of the tom, hoping she would never see him again.
For two moons after, Leafheart was a loner, left to wander from forest to forest. When she was 16 moons, Starclan spoke to her. They told her to start another Clan, one she called Thornclan. Rushingtail returned shortly after the she-cat became leader, begging Leafstar for forgiveness. She eventually forgave him and they became mates shortly after. Four moons after the beginning of Thornclan, tragedy struck again. A fire started in camp, scattering the whole Clan, including Leafstar and Rushingtail. Now, after another two moons of wandering, Starclan has spoken to the leader again to start a Clan, Brambleclan.


Dawnrain (deceased)
Leafstar of Brambleclan Prettygraywitblueeyescat

Ravenstreak (deceased)
Leafstar of Brambleclan 254407275_f6f2abb0c3

Aunts: None

Uncles: None

Brother: Frosttail (missing)
Leafstar of Brambleclan 4023212361_7cf46def88_z
Sister: Berryclaw (missing)
Leafstar of Brambleclan Blackpaw

Leafstar of Brambleclan Mexico%20052

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PostSubject: Re: Leafstar of Brambleclan   Leafstar of Brambleclan Icon_minitimeFri May 15, 2015 9:10 pm

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