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The Site Rules Nights10
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All rights reserved to their rightful owners. Pictures belong to their rightful owners. Warrior Cat info found Here is copyrighted to their rightful owners which can be redirected to the website which are linked down below each page. If you feel something is wrongfully copyrighted and credit wasn't given due respect then please join the site and either message me, (HazelStorm, the site owner) or join the chatbox and speak to me, (HazelStorm, the site owner). Thanks.


 The Site Rules

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PostSubject: The Site Rules   The Site Rules Icon_minitimeFri May 15, 2015 4:00 pm


Be respectful. Everyone deserves respect so please give it so you can receive it and so all runs smoothly on TE.  

The site is based off of the Warrior Cat Series by Erin Hunter so please follow their techniques, their language etc. to the best of your ability.

There is to be no god modding, power playing or magical powers portrayed on the site despite it being a semi-realistic RP. 

There is a 100+ word count. You are to enter the number of words at the bottom of every post. If you fail to do so a staff member will check it and edit your post for you. If it's below the number your post could be deleted and you'll have to completely rewrite it. 

The Chatbox is a place to hang out, with a little bit of RPing from time to time but there is to be no advertising on the chatbox. There's a specific area for that so do it there.

When it comes to fighting, all fighting is to be done in character on RP threads. If there is any fighting done out of character you will be given a warning for the first time, the second time you will be kicked from and banned from the chatbox for two days. The third time you will be banned permanently. Fighting isn't tolerated on the site. So please keep this in mind.
The site is Semi-literate so please use appropriate language and grammar the best you can. It doesn't need to be perfect but capital letters ALWAYS need to be at the beginning of a sentence while either a period, exclamation point or question mark needs to be at the end of every sentence. 
Double posting isn't acceptable so please if you need to add something to your post or need to say something else than please just edit your post or wait until someone else responds. 

Please no RPing until your Bio has been completed and has been accepted by an Admin or Moderator. 

There is to be on character per account. If you wish to have multiple characters then please make a second account.

Liquid time is optional for all users but it isn't a must. Some people enjoy Liquid time while others do not. If you wish to use liquid time your character is only allowed in three threads at the same time.

The site is rated PG-13 so please keep it that way. 

There is to be no cussing, it's a warrior cat RP not a human RP.
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The Site Rules
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