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 HazelStorm, warrior of IvyClan

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PostSubject: HazelStorm, warrior of IvyClan   HazelStorm, warrior of IvyClan Icon_minitimeSat May 16, 2015 12:23 am

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.:General Info:.


26 Moons


Warrior of IvyClan

HazelStorm is very simple minded when it comes to judgement, though she happens to be a very intelligent she-cat. She's very close minded on most subjects but can be very opinionated on subject near and dear to her heart. HazelStorm is a bit of a stuck up priss, always turning her head to other she-cats when they come near if it doesn't have to do with her warrior duties. 
She can definitely be a one sided cat when situations occur so you best hope you're friends with her because she will rat you out faster than you can say crowfood.   

The she-cat is something of a beauty. She has gorgeous medium length fur that's long but still shows off her petite frame. Her fur doesn't engulf her like some other long furred cats that she sees. Her pelt is soft to the touch and carries a hazelnut coloration to it, hence the she-cat's name. 
Her chin is a off white color as well as the rim around her eyes which highlight the gorgeous yellowish green that they take on in the light. HazelStar's legs and tail are a slightly darker color compared to the rest of her body in some area's. 

She has yet to fine a mate but isn't exactly sure if she even wants one.

She doesn't see herself as being fit to be a mother so she has yet to have any. 

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.:Personal Info:.


Attention from toms, tree climbing, quiet walks

Other she-cats but puts it behind her because she's leader, getting wet, dealing with arguments and fights between clan mates

Fighter, agile, intelligent

Having no patience, swimming, lying

HazelStorm never felt as if she belonged in the clan she was born into from the time she was born all the way up until she was given her Warrior name. It wasn't until she was appointed Deputy that the she-cat started to feel as though it was meant to be, that it was her destiny to have been born into PineClan. That was until twolegs moved in and started bulldozing their lands without the slightest warning to the clan.
The entire clan was taken by surprise when the roaring sounds of huge monsters roamed the lands and tore down the surrounding trees and structures that PineClan called home. Some cats were so furious with what was happening that they tried to attack but  it only ended in tragedy. Seeing the monsters strike back and instantly killing most their clan, including the PineClan leader, HawkStar, HazelStorm did the only thing she could and that was to lead the remaining members of PineClan further into the forest and towards neighboring borders.
HazelStorm and the remaining clan members hunkered down and took shelter in a drain pipe that was clear of rats until daybreak when they were woken by the thundering sounds of something familiar. Something they had thought they just rid themselves of the previous day. It was the Monsters and they were tearing down the remaining trees. HazelStorm and her best friend left the remaining clan members to go check out their clan camp and when they returned they were hit with more tragedy. The drain pipe the rest of the clan was hiding under was collapsed and they realized there were no survivors. 
HazelStorm and ThunderFoot decided it was best not to stick around so they began to travel. They traveled a long time, through the forest and way passed the twoleg place until the came across a new patch of forest. One they'd never seen before. They formed a clan and are now waiting for the right Leader to come along and lead IvyClan.

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None that she knows of

BrindleHeart (Deceased)
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HazelStorm, warrior of IvyClan
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