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History of the Flame  Coolte43



History of the Flame  Nights10
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 History of the Flame

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History of the Flame  Empty
PostSubject: History of the Flame    History of the Flame  Icon_minitimeSat May 16, 2015 10:57 am

History of the Flame  4093033

.::Full Name::.
Rouge name is Flame • Warrior name would be IgnitingFlame • Tribe name would be Igniting of the Flames
(I hope this isn't confusing)

Flame, Night, Iggy,
anything and everything you can come up with.

21 moons

.::Birth Season::.
Early Autumn Leaf–fall



Samoli Cat x Tabby

.::Desired Rank::.
Rouge—> Warrior or Cave– Guard once I figure out who to join.

History of the Flame  4093037

.::Over All::.
A unique pelt this cat has. Though many commonly cats carry these colors for pelts, Flame manages to pull it off. Just like his name say's his pelt represents the glowing embers of a burning inferno. Russet and brown twine with grey creates his pelt. Flame has cream cheeks that leads down to his neck. The insides of his ears are a light creamy seashell pink. Flames fur is a mixture of short and medium. His tail is fluffy, the fur falling downward; almost feathery like.. The rest of his pelts fur is short as it comes closer to his head.

Flame is a slim Tom, he's not huge but he has muscle to help win fights. However for the lack of his size he makes up in speed and agility. He is swift and fast, almost like a fire spreading. Light on his paws makes his a pro in ambushes and sneak attacks. Darker patches of greyish black fur can be found on his shoulders, top of his head, eyes and the back of his ears. Flame has long whiskers that are on his maw and eyebrows. These help guide him throughout the night, twitching and sensing the things around him, helping more swift and quite. IgnitingFlame is a handsome young Tom no matter how his history corrupted his mind.

.::Fur Texture::.
Downy soft with a rougher outer coat

.::Fur Color::.
Different hues of russet, brown, cream, red, and grey

Flame has a very unique and calming smell. He is lathered in the smell of spring rain and honeysuckle tinted with the smell of fresh breeze.

Flame's voice is unique like everyone else's. His voice is smooth and holds a velvety tinge to it, sounding almost like heaven's bells.
Click here to hear Flame's voice! (Wolfens voice; the white wolf /w blue eyes)

Unlike many Flame holds stunning mixture of hazel and a light lime green.

Many scars litter Flame's skin, but you'll never see them with his thick hide, unless you are actively searching.

History of the Flame  4093040

Flame you could say is bipolar. His moods are unstable, making it hard to counter his constant mood swings and harder for him to make friends that accept him. One moment Flame could be happy and in the next he could be boiling with hot rage. Another thing Flame suffers through is Reactive Attachment Disorder and Brief Psychotic Disorder. Flame sometimes has mental break downs, his history corrupted his mind, making the poor cat, in other words – 'insane'. However, Flame know's reality vs. fantasy. That's one of his other problems. He tends to daydream a lot or get lost in thought when he's thinking. With his reactive attachment disorder can make him rather clingy or worried for your own good. He is fussy to know you are well and is not to far away to help. This disorder formed by the lack of attention his caregivers gave.

But despite Flames flaws he is actually a very intelligent specimen. Without his bipolar or reactive attachment disorder he would be a very reliable cat. He's hard working and gets things done. Like they say, "if you want something done, you just gotta do it yourself". All this Tom seeks in life is a chance to be accepted into the world, to know what acutally love and affection is. To know what true happiness is and to be carefree.

Kits :: Friendship :: Peace / Love :: Kindness :: Rain :: Thunder storms :: Swimming :: Relaxing :: Play fighting :: Chewing on sticks and Bones :: Food :: Fishing :: Talking :: Running :: Sunfall :: Sunrise

Unnecessary fighting :: Arrogant fools :: Someone trying to be boss him:: His split personality  :: Abuse :: Stampedes :: Fire :: Death / Loss / Grief :: Fear :: The feeling of being powerless :: Silence

Fighting / Standing his ground :: Swimming :: His fighting skills :: His agility :: Fishing

His family :: His Clan / Tribe :: Being naïve :: His past :: His personality

History of the Flame  4093043

(wereabouts are unknown)



.::Other Distant Relatives::.
It is unknown to him.

.::Past Crush(s)::.

.::Significant Other::.
No, but potentially could happen



None at the moment

Care to join?

History of the Flame  4093054

Like all young cats, Flame was birthed into a Clan with a mother and father and sister. His mother was the deputy, she was known as GoldenRipple. Her coat was a light golden color with darker stripes along her back, almost like a ripple, hence her name. His father was the everyday warrior. His name was RoaringFlame. He was loud when wanting to be and had a fiery temper, his name suited him well. Flame's sister was named Luckykit. She nearly died when their mother was giving birth, hence as to her name. Flame's real name was actually Ignitingkit.

He was a small Tom-kit and quite most of the time. His sister was slightly bigger than him and as time went on she was better then him at everything besides hunting and sneak attacks. Flame was neglected of his parents love as well as the Clan he born in. He was invisable to everybody but his good friend Dappletail the Medicine Cat. The Med cat was rather fond of the young kit and would let him help sort herbs and tell him stories.

As time went on Flames started seeking attention from his Clan and parents. However he was doing it all the wrong way. When he was still a kit he left to go outside of camp. Nobody would notice him gone, right? Returning to camp with a mouse in his tiny jaws was an odd sight to see. The older apprentices stole his catch and claimed it to be theirs. Around the time Flame was being made into an apprentice his mentor was one of his tormentors when he was but a wee kit. His moons as an apprentice were hard then the average apprentice. His mentor was cruel and harsh on him, making him do double time. And nobody seemed to care or notice this beside Dappletail. Around this time Flame was having strange mood swings and outrageous outbursts. One night Flame stood up to his mentor and they got into a heated argument.

Needing time to cool off Flame stormed off in the middle of the night. He didn't know that day would change his life forever. His mentor followed him but instead of finding Flame he was cornered and attacked by the neighboring Clan and murdered. Flame ran hearing the commotion and despite his recent argument he tried with all his might to help fend off the intruders, but all was in vain. He managed to chase the intruders off and retuned to his mentor. He was badly injured and bleeding perfoundlessly. The times when Flame was a kit and he helped sort herbs with Dappletail really payed off, however it wasn't enough. No matter how hard he tried to stop the bleeding. Nothing worked. Flame was covered in his mentors blood, over riding his own cuts from the Clan cats delt him. It didn't help that the dawn patrol came to the scene before him. The mourning Tom had no time to react when ha sister Luckypaw attacked him. Yowling in rage and sadness for she loved Flames mentor. Flame attacked back not knowing what else to do and angery how his own sister thought he would do that to his own mentor.

They were near a cliff with a raging river below. Not knowing of the danger both blindly tumbled over the edge, falling into the freezing water. Flame was a good swimmer, better then his sister but even this was hard for him to keep afloat when the currents wanted to drag him under. Seeing his sister struggle he swam over to her, grappling her scruff with his teeth. But with him carrying both their weight was not a smart idea. Both went under the water. Trying to get to the surface to breath air. Flame was the first to break through the water to get air. However he could find his sister. By now the water calmed and he was able to swim to safety.

Upon the shores Flame scavenged the water, looking for his older sister. His efforts were fruitless until a white and pale cream and black body was found washing up on the shore. Flame raced to see what the object was and as he drew nearer he recongized it to be a cat. Dreamed filled his gut. Tears were already running down his face once he reached the body of his dead sister he let out a yowl of grief. He lost two cats in only 12 hours apart, what did he do to deserve this? He never got answers to that question for the patrol that found him started attacking, thinking he killed a warrior and the drowned his sister when all he did was try to save her. He fought back for his life and if it wasn't for the blow to his head he probably would have done something foolish. So he ran with a pounding headache and his own clan on his tail. It was only once he crossed the territory did the cats chasing him stop. Finding a barn Flame finally gave up and rested, crying himself to sleep. He kept asking the same question over and over, why?

History of the Flame  4093047

.::Theme Song::.

Lost Boy by Ruth B.
(The song is based off from Peter Pan, however this song fits best for his personality and history)

Picture(s) (Click):

.::Joining Clan / Tribe::.
Im going to start out rouge until I figure out what Clan or Tribe I want to join.
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PostSubject: Re: History of the Flame    History of the Flame  Icon_minitimeSun May 17, 2015 1:18 pm

Approved ^.^
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History of the Flame
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