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PostSubject: Sunflame of IvyClan   Sunflame of IvyClan Icon_minitimeSat May 23, 2015 12:03 am

Sunflame of IvyClan 2e38xno

.:General Info:.

Sunkit ---> Sunpaw ---> Sunflame

37 Moons



Sunflame is a noble cat, with outstanding courage and determination to serve his clan. This warrior has the heart of a lion. He is clever, strong minded, loving, caring and kind to those that he knows. The IvyClan cat accepts cats who live outside his clan to a certain point (other clan cats more than loners and rogues), but he despises the way kittypets lead their lives. Sunflame believes that a cat won't get much out of life if they let a twoleg hand them everything they need to survive. True success and happiness cannot be handed to you on a silver platter. Instead, this tom believes it must be earned. So despite his love for IvyClan, Sunflame is never very soft around anyone, not even his clanmates. He can be stern, and he takes his duties very seriously. The warrior honors the warrior code and does not appreciate disrespect or disregard for it.

Sunflame can have quite the fiery personality, and will always speak or fight for what he believes in. He is strong and determined, never slacking in his duties. He isn't afraid to challenge even his clanmates if he feels his opinion is worth mentioning. Once fighting, this tough warrior uses his determination to keep going. It is difficult to discourage Sunflame when he sets his mind to something. Above all, he is loyal to his leader and certainly won't hesitate to step forward and help his clanmates.

Sunflame is an average sized cat. He has plenty of muscle, especially in his shoulders and haunches. Sunflame has strong and nimble paws that aren't super tough. They are more suited to walking on the forest floor and along tree branches than to trekking across mountainous or swampy terrain. This tom carries himself with confidence in the woods. A lithe, lean body makes it easier to climb trees and move through thicker underbrush. His coat is a russet copper color, with an undertone of light brown or gold. The only real markings Sunflame has are on his face and tail. There is a dark stripe of brown that runs along the tom's long tail, and encompasses the entire tip of it. It looks as if the tip if his tail was burned.

His face is mostly a dark reddish copper. Pale creamy fur surrounds eyes of bright yellow. In the sunlight, the orbs are golden yellow (the color of dandelions) with hints of orange and red, like the light from a fire. Two lines of cream run up from each eye toward his brow, making the russet fur seem even darker. A wave of dark reddish brown stream from the outer corners of his eyes toward the sides of his face. His chin is covered in creamy white fur.

None yet...looking!


Sunflame of IvyClan Cat_zps9aqo40x8

.:Personal Info:.

Heterosexual (Straight)

Hard work, his clan, sharing tongues, patrols (especially Dawn and dusk patrols), training, hunting for birds and voles and squirrels, respect (especially to his leader), clan gatherings.

Kittypets, twolegs, cold, disrespectful cats, fishing, laziness.

Not afraid to challenge an idea, tree climbing, well trained in fighting and hunting, powerful shoulders and legs, fast runner.

His size is average (so smaller cats are a little faster, and larger cats are stronger), short fur (bad for winter), argumentative, not good at camouflage except in Leaf-fall, swimming (he can't).

Sunkit and Petalkit were born in IvyClan to two warriors: Sorchleaf and Patchcloud. Petalkit was always the quiet one. She never wanted to fight or even play for fear of danger. Meanwhile, Sunkit was adventurous and always strove to be the best at every game. He wanted to help his clanmates, and tried not to get under their paws too much (but often ended up there anyway in his effort to be helpful). His father was proud to see his energy and enthusiasm. His mother taught him to obey the warrior code at all times, and without question. As the young cat became an apprentice, his sister announced she wanted to be a MedicineCat apprentice to Mutedcry. Sunpaw was hardly surprised, and he felt pride in her for wanting to learn the ways of StarClan. He trained long and hard, always looking to improve, especially his tree climbing skills. The apprentice was eager to train, and loved to go on patrols with his mentor. A few moons after Sunpaw became an apprentice, Patchcloud lost her life in a battle with stray dogs. The young cat and his family was devastated, for she had always been a cat to look up to.

The tom became laser focused on training and constantly pushed himself to work harder. He became tough, and developed an open hatred of dogs, twolegs, and kittypets. After many moons of training, Sunpaw finally was ready to become a warrior. While he was having his final assessment one late winter day, his sister apparently went looking for any herbs that might be hidden along the banks of a stream. The young she-cat had drowned when she fell into the freezing waters. The cold had sapped her strength so she couldn't get out. Later that evening, Sunpaw and Scorchleaf's received the news. They were shocked. Despite this, the clan named Sunflame as a warrior before sharing tongues with Petalpaw one last time. Scorchleaf soon fell into a depression, which not even Mutedcry could cure. After two dull moons as an elder, Scorchleaf died of heartache for his lost mate and daughter. Sunflame continued with duties, always hoping somehow someone could help lift the weight of his sadness. Of course, he eventually moved on with the realization that his family was probably happy and well in StarClan. The warrior focused on helping his clan from that point on, never tiring of hunting and patrolling. Sunflame realized that although his family was no longer with him, he could enjoy life in IvyClan.

Sunflame of IvyClan Is_it_a_bird__by_furlined-d63ubn1


Patchcloud - medium sized black and white she-cat with pale yellow eyes (died fighting against twoleg dogs)
Sunflame of IvyClan Wary__by_aenea_jones-d8ejfq2

Scorchleaf - large dark russet tom with pale green eyes (died from depression over Petalpaw and Patchcloud)
Sunflame of IvyClan Kittycat_zpswqgl228s

Redbird - Scorchleaf's sister (died of greencough)

Pouncefur - Scorchleaf's brother (died in battle)

Petalpaw - black and white she-cat with bright green eyes (drowned in winter stream)

Sunflame of IvyClan Theo_20140125_1_by_furlined-d753t8b

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PostSubject: Re: Sunflame of IvyClan   Sunflame of IvyClan Icon_minitimeSat May 23, 2015 1:45 am

I assume you have finished. It seems like a complete bio and there isn't anything that suggest a work in progress so.... 

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